Artists On The Rise: SZA


Source: SZA’s Instagram

An artist I think everyone needs to be on the lookout for is Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) songstress, SZA. As of now, the artist isn’t as recognized as she should be yet, but with the upcoming release of her new album CTRL, my guess is that SZA will be noticed for her amazing voice and talent and will rise to fame in the near future.

Affinity Magazine wrote that, “Her soothing sounds of R&B are soft yet strong, and her words cut deep with passion.” I don’t think there’s any better way to describe SZA’s art. The way she chooses her vocal ranges for each song shows off her incredible voice and in a way that takes you by surprise. You can really hear this in the song “Consideration,” which  comes from Rihanna’s latest album Anti.


Source: SZA’s Instagram

The New Jersey singer was signed by TDE, a dominant independent label in the hip-hop world, in July 2013 becoming the first and only female on the label’s roster. Being part of such a huge, successful label like TDE shows how great of an artist she really is and how much potential she has to become a hit like other TDE artists such as Kendrick Lamar.


Starting in 2012, SZA has put out various EPs such as See.SZA.Run and S. In 2014, just under a year after being signed to TDE, she released her first project for sale, Z. The EP includes 10 tracks and features with Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper and Isaiah Rashad.

SZA will hopefully soon be putting out her newest album CTRL sometime this year. Early this February she released an interactive website, which includes a teaser video for the new album with short clips of new songs.

I have high hopes for this album and know the TDE artist will not disappoint. Check out and follow my Spotify playlist to hear more!